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Here I leave some vocabulary about jobs and occupations, as we have seen in class
I leave you this video we watched in class about the present perfect and past simple, just in case you want to watch it again. Hope you enjoy it!!
Here you have a chart in which I have summarized the use of these particles for the Present Perfect, we will continue working on them in class.
just still yet already photo.png

In British English, people use the present perfect to speak about a past action that they consider relevant to the present. 

The present perfect can be used in the same way in American English, but people often use the past simple when they consider the action finished. This is especially common with the adverbs already, just and yet.

           British English                                                                                          American English

He isn't hungry. He has already had lunch.                                He isn't hungry. He already had lunch. 
- Have you done your homework yet?                                         - Did you do your homework yet?

- Yes, I've just finished it.                                                               - Yes, I just finished it.      


Here you have the latest vocabulary we've been working on, crime and criminals. If you scroll down, you'll see a game, similar to "pasapalabra", with the vocabulary. Try to play without looking.... don't cheat!!! 
crime 3.PNG
crime 4.PNG


This week we have been working on the political topic, learning some vocabulary to end up creating an invented political party. Before that, we have learnt about the differences in this topic in the two main English speaking countries, you have the chart below. Plus, we have learnt quite a lot of vocabulary, we will use it in class during our "class electoral campaign". 
ukusa govern.PNG



  • To feel strongly about the issue: to defend it

  • To have a duty to vote in elections: to be an obligation to vote

  • To experience economic boom / recession

  • To increase taxes

  • To make cuts

  • To be out of yourself

  • To take part in a political demonstration / strike / protest march: participar en manifestación / huelga / marcha de protesta

  • To make it to the top: ascender

  • To get into politics: meterse en política

  • To take a position: posicionarse

  • To catch on fast: ponerse al día rápido

  • To sidestep the issue: evitar la respuesta



  • Ballot paper: a piece of paper where the voter shows their choice

  • Candidate: a person competing in an election

  • Constituency: a geographical area that elects a representative to parliament

  • Democracy (n) / democrat (n) / democratic (adj)

  • Elect (v) / Electorate (n)

  • General / local election

  • Head of state: jefe de estado

  • Member of Parliament (MP)

  • Parliament (n) / parliamentary (adj)

  • Polling station: a place where people go to put their ballot papers

  • Representative (n)

  • To stand for: represent

  • Turnout (n): number of voters in an election

  • Ex-presidents

  • Ministers

  • A swing: a sudden change in support

  • A floating voter: the one who hasn’t decided

  • Joined – up government: coordination between government departments

  • To roll out a programme: to launch a programme gradually

  • A sceptic: a person who doesn’t believe in politics

  • A hawk: a believer in aggressive foreign policy

  • A reformer: a supporter of change

  • An incumbent: the current holder of a political position

  • A lame-duck: a president or politician who no longer has any power

  • A left-winger: de izquierdas

  • A right-winger: de derechas

  • A backbencher: an MP (not a minister)

  • A moderate: not hold extreme political beliefs

  • A hardliner: does not believe in changing their beliefs

  • The electoral system

  • Voter participation

  • An election campaign

  • A by-election: an election caused by death or resignation of an existing MP

  • A constituency: an electoral district – in Britain, the area which votes for one MP

  •  Swing states: states which could vote for either party

Past Perfect Simple and Continuous





These are your predictions about the future and technology. The next day in class we will talk about them, so have a look and think about so as you can give your opinion:


  • In the future, consumers will demand more privacy

  • More apps will foster human connection and experiences

  • People will be living underwater

  • In ten years time, people will be connected by chips under the skin

  • In the future, the telephone will disappear and the mobile phone will be the only one remaining

  • In the future, cars will be driven by a robot

  • Many more apps will be developed

  • In the future, all houses will be smart - houses

  • The sun will be very dangerous for our health

  • In 50 years, we will go on holiday to the moon

  • In the XXII century, laptops will be very small 

13th March 2020

16th March 2020, 17:45


Hi there! As we cannot do the listening and debate in class, I have recorded myself reading a text about technology and what it was in the past and in the future. Listen to it, and think about the questions below. Send me your opinions about the topic (use the chat) and we can talk. Come, let's talk!

00:00 / 02:11

- Are we better now than we were 50 years ago? (technologically speaking) Why?

- Do you think that using mobile phones too much could have bad consequences for our health? Why?

- Do you think that the use of technology is replacing real-life contact? Why?

- "Young people are too hooked on their mobile phones and computers." Do you agree? Why?

- Is not knowing about technology nowadays very negative or it does not matter?

20th March 2020, 15:50

Here you have another two videos to review the future. I hope they are funny and that you understand them well. If any doubt, just ask me!!

20th March, 2020 16:45

Here you have a Kahoot to review the future. You already know how to use it, we have played a lot. Have fun!!

If you have any doubt while playing, you can send me an email or write me on the chat on the bottom right.

20th March 2020, 17:30


Here you have a listening exercise for you to do. If you click on the PDF you will see the exercises, and then, click on the audio to listen to it.

When you have it done, send the answers to me and I'll correct.

Taken from:


What does online safety mean to you? How important is it? What do you do to stay safe when you are online?

You can record yourself talking about this issue, or write an essay, and send it to me (email, chat...).

20th March 2020 18:15

Here you have the last activity for this week. It is a review of the last vocabulary we saw in class. You need to match both columns. Download and edit the document, and then send it back to me. 

27th March 2020, 8:50

Good morning! Let's start the day and "your week" with a song, this one has got different forms of the future, so you can revise it in a funnier and different way. Have fun!!

Try not to look for the lyrics on the internet, and complete the gaps (if you download the document, you can edit it because it is a word) and then send it to my email. You have got it on the WhatsApp, however, you can ask for it if you want it again.

27th March 2020, 9:30

Here you have a PDF with a crossword I have created with the vocabulary we have been working on during the course: jobs, history and politics, crime and punishment and technology. As it is in PDF, if you don't have a printer, just write the answers on a piece of paper and take a photo and send it to me

27th March 2020, 11:30

As a last thing this week, I upload here a Kahoot with a review of every grammar point we have seen during the course. Send me photos of your results!! ;)

3rd April 2020, 9:00


This week you have just a reading and some questions to debate the reading and some space for you to give me and your classmates ideas ;)

Read it, it's quite interesting!

It is about some ideas for us to do when we have to be at home and we are a little bit bored or tired

Read it and tell me what you think! ;)

And, as always, send it to my email once you have done it! 

8th April 2020


Here I leave two documents:

- one of them is vocabulary review: you have a link to a webpage where I have created an interactive worksheet: you can fill in the worksheet on the webpage, and click on "terminar", then it auto - corrects itself saying what you have wrong or right.

- the other is grammar review: you don't have it online, but as it is a Word document you just fill it in the same document and send it to my mail, I'll happily correct it.

24th April 2020


In this word, you have got the grammar and some exercises.


30th April 2020

Here you have a WhatsApp conversation, read it, and try to write another one, as if you were speaking ;)

zeoob.com_9rwysh0lfp_photo - copia.png
zeoob.com_9rwysh0lfp_photo - copia (2).p

In this video, I have written a conversation at an airport. Next, I give you some other uses in the travelling and transport topic. Write another conversation related to this topic, basing on the video and the expressions.


8th May, 2020

First of all, watch this video:

Now, here you have some exercises and the grammar points (0 - 3 conditionals)

15th May, 2020

This week we continue with the topic of means of transport, travel and conditionals, which is not a small deal of things! ;)

First things first, Here you have an audio of me talking about where would I go if we could travel. Listen and try to do the same, record yourself speaking and send it to me. (Check that I have used the four types of conditionals, try to do the same ;) )

I also leave the transcription, it is good to write before speaking, for you to have clear what you want to say ;)

Play this game to practice the vocabulary. It is a famous TV show, do you know which?

22nd May 2020

Here you have another famous TV show game ("boom") for you to revise the four types of conditionals.

And here you have a song in which conditionals are used. But... uh!oh! I've been writing the lyrics and I have made some mistakes (I've written some words that are not the ones they sing)... Could you guess which?

29th May 2020

Here you have a veeeeeery short TED Talk. It's about dance, and it lasts just 4'37''. It's easy and funny, so give it a try! ;)

Then you have a Word with some questions for you to think about what you have seen. Enjoy it!

5th June 2020

We are already in June! Time to look back at what we've done the whole school year... 

I have prepared two different reviews:

The first one is a TV show based game: "who wants to be a millionaire?"

The second one is an interactive worksheet, you can complete it and it autocorrects itself.

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