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Here you have some vocabulary about jobs and occupations, as we worked on in class
Here you have the presentations on the Present Simple and Continuous, as well as the stative verbs
Here you have the game on Present Simple and Continuous in case you want to play at home
adverbs of freq.png
Here you have the adverbs of frequency we worked in class, as well as their position in the sentence
position freq adv.png



Maria hardly ever goes to bed late.

Maria never goes to the cinema.


If it is CVC, but the last letter is an L, we double the L:
"travelled, labelled, marvelled"
sin embargo, los podemos ver de ésta otra:
  • TraveLed 
  • LabeLed
Las dos son perfectamente válidas. En USA ellos lo hacen simple, sin doblar. Así que técnicamente ambas formas serían correctas. Aunque es mejor que si lo hacemos todo el Británico, ésto también, porque es más correcto no mezclar ambas pronunciaciones. 
pronunc rules past verbs.png
just still yet already photo.png


This week we have been working on the political topic, learning some vocabulary to end up creating an invented political party. Before that, we have learnt about the differences in this topic in the two main English speaking countries, you have the chart below. Plus, we have learnt quite a lot of vocabulary, we will use it in class during our "class electoral campaign". 
ukusa govern.PNG



  • To feel strongly about the issue: to defend it

  • To have a duty to vote in elections: to be an obligation to vote

  • To experience economic boom / recession

  • To increase taxes

  • To make cuts

  • To be out of yourself

  • To take part in a political demonstration / strike / protest march: participar en manifestación / huelga / marcha de protesta

  • To make it to the top: ascender

  • To get into politics: meterse en política

  • To take a position: posicionarse

  • To catch on fast: ponerse al día rápido

  • To sidestep the issue: evitar la respuesta



  • Ballot paper: a piece of paper where the voter shows their choice

  • Candidate: a person competing in an election

  • Constituency: a geographical area that elects a representative to parliament

  • Democracy (n) / democrat (n) / democratic (adj)

  • Elect (v) / Electorate (n)

  • General / local election

  • Head of state: jefe de estado

  • Member of Parliament (MP)

  • Parliament (n) / parliamentary (adj)

  • Polling station: a place where people go to put their ballot papers

  • Representative (n)

  • To stand for: represent

  • Turnout (n): number of voters in an election

  • Ex-presidents

  • Ministers

  • A swing: a sudden change in support

  • A floating voter: the one who hasn’t decided

  • Joined – up government: coordination between government departments

  • To roll out a programme: to launch a programme gradually

  • A sceptic: a person who doesn’t believe in politics

  • A hawk: a believer in aggressive foreign policy

  • A reformer: a supporter of change

  • An incumbent: the current holder of a political position

  • A lame-duck: a president or politician who no longer has any power

  • A left-winger: de izquierdas

  • A right-winger: de derechas

  • A backbencher: an MP (not a minister)

  • A moderate: not hold extreme political beliefs

  • A hardliner: does not believe in changing their beliefs

  • The electoral system

  • Voter participation

  • An election campaign

  • A by-election: an election caused by death or resignation of an existing MP

  • A constituency: an electoral district – in Britain, the area which votes for one MP

  •  Swing states: states which could vote for either party

Past Perfect Simple and Continuous






Here you have the sentences you have invented using future and talking about technology, your predictions. As I said in last class, we are going to debate these topics the next day in class, so check them all to bring ideas ;)

  • Consumers will demand more privacy

  • More apps will foster human connection and experiences

  • World leaders will install on us a location chip through vaccines

  • In 2021, people are going to drive electric cars

  • In 2022, we will be able to pay with our mobile phone in the supermarket

  • Food will be in capsules in 2050


Ésta es la hoja de los ejercicios del futuro que os había dado los últimos días en clase. Como no me lo habéis podido dar para corregir, os lo subo aquí solucionado para que podáis contrastarlo con lo vuestro.

20200311_170942 (1).jpg


13 / 03 / 2020

16th March 2020, 21:00

Good evening everyone!!!! As one of the last days in class, we were talking about the future and you asked me to explain it again because it was still not very clear, I have designed this video for you to watch it and check if it is clearer after. I hope it helps. Tomorrow I will upload some exercises for you to practice.

19th March 2020, 16:35

Let's see how do you use the future. Use the sentences below to help you to write some sentences to talk about you in the future (now, at home or when we are back to normal life ;) )


- This afternoon I...

- This evening...

- Next month...

- This summer...

- Tomorrow night...

- This weekend...

- Next September...

- In 10 years time...

- Next school year...

Useful sentences
“I’m (probably) going to…”
“You are probably going to…”
“My friend/ parents/ brother/ sister/ teacher is probably going to…”

You can answer in the blog (,

or just send them to me using my email.

19th March, 2020, 18:30

Here you have a document with more exercises about the future. If you don't have a printer, just copy the solutions on a Word document and sent it to my mail. ;)

19th March 2020, 19:25

Finally, this is your last activity for this week. It is a review of all the pasts: simple, continuous, perfect simple and perfect continuous. It is good for you to review previous things in order not to forget them! ;) Have fun, it's a game after all!

You will have different sentences with some gaps to fill in. You just have to look from the words on your right for the correct one and click. 

26th March 2020, 10:30

Good morning! Let's start the day and"your week" with a boost of positive energy.

Here you have the famous song of that famouse series "FRIENDS".

I'm sure you've heard it millions of times. Now is the moment to understand what it says.

I leave the video, and the lyrics are in the Word document. You can download the document and fill in the gaps, then send it to me to my email. Or you can just write the missing words in a paper (in order, please), and take a photo and send it to me. I know you can find the lyrics on the internet, but try not to cheat... put your ears and head to work! ;)

26th March 2020, 11:00

Here I leave the last thing we are doing to review the "technology" vocabulary.

You can download and try to do it on the word, or write the answers together. Whatever works for you is fine.

26th March 2020, 11:00

And here you have some exercises from a grammar boook in case you want a little more practice on the future tense.

You can write the solutions on a paper, take a photo and send it to me, or write the solutions on a word and send them to me (you have got my email, if don't remember, ask me on WhatsApp)

26th March 2020, 11:40

Here I leave an explanation about the difference between will and shall

2nd April 2020, 11:00

This week you have just a reading and some questions to debate the reading and some space for you to give me and your classmates ideas ;)

Read it, it's quite interesting!

It is about some ideas for us to do when we have to be at home and we are a little bit bored or tired

Read it and tell me what you think! ;)

And, as always, send it to my email once you have done it! 

8th April 2020


Here I leave two documents:

- one of them is vocabulary review: you have a link to a webpage where I have created an interactive worksheet: you can fill in the worksheet on the webpage, and click on "terminar", then it auto - corrects itself saying what you have wrong or right.

- the other is grammar review: you don't have it online, but as it is a Word document you just fill it in the same document and send it to my mail, I'll happily correct it.

23rd April 2020


In this word, you have got the grammar and some exercises.


24th April, 2020

Here you have a video explaining two grammar points that weren't very clear, I hope it helps.

30th April 2020

Here you have a WhatsApp conversation, read it, and try to write another one, as if you were speaking ;)

zeoob.com_9rwysh0lfp_photo - copia.png
zeoob.com_9rwysh0lfp_photo - copia (2).p

In this video, I have written a conversation at an airport. Next, I give you some other uses in the travelling and transport topic. Write another conversation related to this topic, basing on the video and the expressions.


7th May, 2020

Click on this link to watch a video in which I explain the next part: second conditional.

Now, let's practice!!!

Here you have some links to games in which you'll need to use conditionals:

Finally, here you have a worksheet to practice, in case you prefer a document to fill in and send to me. If any doubt, text me!!!

14th May, 2020

This week we continue with the topic of means of transport, travel and conditionals, which is not a small deal of things! ;)

First things first, Here you have an audio of me talking about where would I go if we could travel. Listen and try to do the same, record yourself speaking and send it to me. 

I also leave the transcription, it is good to write before speaking, for you to have clear what you want to say ;)

Here you have a funny famous Tv game for you to review the means of transport vocabulary ;)

21st May 2020

Here you have another TV show based game to review conditionals. Pay attention if you don't want the bomb to explode... Let's go!

Uh! Oh! 

I have been writing the lyrics, but I have made some mistakes, can you find them and correct them? ;)

28th May 2020

Here you have a veeeeeery short TED Talk, don't worry it is veeeeeeeeery easy, and very short, and plus, you can set the subtitles. Then you have a worksheet with some questions to answer in case you want. Watch it, it is interesting, and it's just 4:37 minutes!!

4th June 2020

As it is already June, we are going to look back at what we've worked on during the whole school year. Plenty of thing we've done. Let's review them on two different activities.

The first one is for you to play another famous TV game (Who wants to be a millionaire) and see if you can become rich ;)

The second one is an interactive worksheet, so it corrects itself immediately. 

You can send to me your results or doubts or questions.

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