First, as always, a little bit of history... Where does Easter come from?

The video is from the History channel, as always, but this time, it hasn't got subtitles, so I have written the transcript on the Word document next to it (also in Spanish)

Lo primero, como siempre, un poco de historia... ¿de dónde viene la "Easter"?

El vídeo es del canal "Historia" como todos, pero ésta vez no tiene subtítulos, así que os he escrito la transcripción en el Word de al lado (también en español).

How much have you learnt?

I'm sure you know a lot of traditions about Easter, but...let's analyse some, which of them did you know? Which of them do you find more interesting? Tell me on my email.



In this video, some countries' Easter celebrations are explained...it's quite interesting and amazing, how far we are and how do we celebrate the same things...

En éste vídeo están explicadas algunas maneras de celebrar Easter en ciertos países. Es interesante saber que a miles de Km celebran lo mismo que nosotros.

Do you remember...?