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Saint valentine's day 

Arriba tenéis los idioms con los que trabajamos en clase, haciendo esas frases geniales que os salieron. 
Abajo tenéis la word cloud con vocabulario relaccionado que trabajamos clasificando en nombres, adjetivos y verbos, y usamos para hacer nuestras frases y poemas.
"Tim has a soft spot for Elsa, because she is a pretty and intelligent girl"
"Elsa has a soft spot for Tim, because he's a good looking boy who speaks very well"
"One day, someone introduced Tim to Elsa and they started to talk. And that day, Elsa fell in love with Tim, and Tim fell in love with Elsa."
"One  year ago, they went steady..."
Andoni, Javi, Pilar, Sorin, Vicente
"Michael has a crush on someone, she is tall and she has blue eyes and she is very clever"
"She and her partner have a stormy relationship because he is a love rat and he drinks a lot"
"She goes to the health club every day to catch someone's eye, to be her boyfriend"
Elvira, Javi, Mª Jesús, Teresa 
"Mary and Peter were a perfect couple, but two years ago they called it a day"
"Peter's girlfriend isn't very attractive, although Peter thinks beauty is in the eye of the beholder" 
"When I go to the beach I like to have the hots for someone"
"My sister used to use the app 'Tinder' to have the hots for someone"
Clara, Gloria, Maite, Rocío, Rosa
"The wedding day, the bride and groom tied the knot"
"Jhon fell head over heels for Mary. They are together since five years ago"
"They made the relationship more serious, they got married 40 years ago"
"Charlie and Jessica fight a lot, they have many arguments"
Adelina, Carmen
"Mary and Peter have a puppy love. They met at school"
"Mary and Peter bought a love - nest, they bought a new house"
"Mary can't stand the sight of Peter, she hates him"
"Mary and Peter let their hearts rule their heads"
Ana, Ana Julia, Germán
"Sarah and George will live together, they have bought a house to make a love - nest"
"James and Victoria have gone steady, he has given her an engagement ring"
"Dunean has eyes only for Alisa, when he sees her, he smiles all the time"
"Archie is a love - rat with Elsie, he is seeing other girl without she knowing it"
Mª Carmen
"Annie will work in Australia and her husband said: it will be a stormy relationship"
"Tom talked for a long time with Mary and he fell head over heels"
"The film ended and Mary thought: I have to let my heart  rule my head"
"They met in summer, and in autumn they tied the knot" Javier
"Love is blind, so couples usually have stormy relationships" Javier


Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck at poetry, so just be mine!

Roses are red, pizza sauce too. I ordered a large, and none of it is for you

Roses are red, dog poo is brown. If I had to kiss you, I’d go kiss a cow

"Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's, I plan to eat too many sweets, but no one for you" Almudena
"Chocolates are delicious, Cupid means romance, I'm hungry, so you don't have chocolates" Alex
"Cupid is preparing his bow and arrow and the arrow shots and hurts St. Valentine" Gloria
"How many tears are there in your eyes? Give me a chocolates box and I will be happy" Gloria
"I'm falling in love with your sweet smile" Vicente
"I'm hungry to kiss your lips" Vicente
"Yellow is the colour for Sunday, because of the sun; but sometimes, it rains" Maite
"To be or not to be: that's the question... of a drunkard after one night of revelry" Andoni
"Ah, Is it not true, love angel, that in this isolated shore, purer the moon shines and do the farts smell better?" Andoni
"Sweet Caroline, as I know you love chocolates, I slide you under the door a brick" J.C.
"To be or not to be: shouted my lover when he dropped his pants" Pilar 
"The princess is sad, what may have the princess? Cupid has hurt her with bows and arrows" Pilar
"What's life? a frenzy; What's life? an illusion; if you see your winning number on the screen on television" Pilar
"Roses are red, love is pink, but when I see you, I want to drink" Sorin
"Roses are red, Cupid is blind, he has thrown the arrow over my town" Sorin
"Roses are red, the sky is blue, and I become colourful when you come around" Rosa
"Roses are red, the sky is blue and I stay white when you are near" Rosa
"Roses are red, cows fly like my heart when I kiss you" Rosa
"The daisies are white, the tulips are red, the bow and arrow belong to Cupid; and on Valentine's Day, many boyfriends and girlfriends become more romantic; others however, call it a day" Clara
"The flowers are white, the sky is blue and my boyfriend is a romantic like my green dog" Rocío
"You are falling in love because all you need is a sweet pear" Rocío 
"Cupid appeared when the boyfriend with amorous flowers and a poem declared"
"I know your dreams but you say white lies. the sun is coming too close and the night is ending" Neli
"The sun shines brighter in the morning if I don't see you when I wake up" Mª Carmen
"I have always dreamt about you, you were in my worst nightmares" Mª Carmen
"Give a hug, give me a kiss, give me a plate of your red beans" Raquel
"Look how white is the moon, like a wheel of cheese. So white are your teeth, your kisses taste like cheese" G.
"Your smile is so beautiful that it reminds me of a hyena" Mª Carmen
"His face is sweet like a pitbull face" Mª Carmen
"She's as silent as a rock - and - roll band" Mª Carmen
"You are my sweet candy and your smile is the darkness of the night in cavities. Your eyes are the colour of the rainbow. If they weren't for the eye booger. Cupid threw me an arrow and instead of hitting my heart it hit me all over my head"
Ana and Conchi
"Roses are red, the life is beautiful, and this excludes you" Adelina
"With his green, I fall in love, but in the night, I'm frightened" Merche
"We love us much, but we don't eat just love" Merche
Finalmente, os dejo por aquí las canciones con las que me ayudasteis poniendo en orden las letras ;)
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